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Learning at the Sensory Table (1/30/2018) - In a recent visit with our youngest children in the Butterfly classroom I was able to observe these children exploring the sensory table which was full of soft cotton balls, small colorful plastic animals, and scissor-like scooping tools. Here is some of the conversation that ensued:  “It’s a dinosaur.  He has spikes on the back.  […]
Dramatic play and abstract thinking (1/23/2018) - When children engage in dramatic play they are learning a whole new way of thinking.  Through trying on roles that are familiar to them, they learn empathy and communication skills.   They gain competence and confidence as they experiment with performing tasks they have observed.   They learn to love the amazing world of nature […]
Life-Long Learning (1/19/2018) - Over Christmas vacation I visited my 93 year old friend Marge, who made me think about life-long learning.  The mother of 9 children, Marge earned her college degree in the middle of her parenting years.  She brushed this off, saying: “There were only 5 or so at home at the time.”  She went on to […]
Achieving the (Nearly) Impossible Together (1/15/2018) - On our playground last week, there was a buzz of excitement from a group of children working together to push a very large snowball up a hill.  Their goal was to get the snowball to perch above the rock at the top of this incline.  This child-initiated project started with a small, dedicated group of […]
Christmas Cheer (11/29/2017) - Today as Gina and I were working in the office, the Dragonfly class walked by singing “We wish you a merry Christmas.”  As they passed the Grasshopper door Ms. Ruth opened it and cried out: “Christmas Carolers!” She kept the door open while the Dragonflies sang another verse of the song to the listening Grasshopper […]
How Tall are you in Pumpkins? (9/23/2017) - As part of their exploration of  pumpkins these past two weeks, Explorers have been measuring their height in mini pumpkins.   Using alternative units of measurement (one of the objectives in our EEC Guidelines) promotes flexible thinking and helps children generalize about the purpose of measuring items in the world around them, including themselves.  The […]
Teachable Moments (9/8/2017) - Yesterday I visited the Dragonfly classroom and a teacher opened the windows to let in the fresh air.  At that point there was a rather noisy truck in the parking lot with hoses snaking their way from it to the door of the building.  When the children wondered what that truck was doing several hypotheses […]
Many Hands Make Light Work! (9/1/2017) - A couple of weeks ago we had a parent/child work day to clean our school before the teachers’ first days.  I had no idea how many people planned to help out, and was delighted that 18 moms, grandmothers and children arrived at the school ready to work! Adults and children were working side by side […]
We have openings! (8/23/2017) - Dear Friends of Amazing Grace Preschool, Spread the word — we have openings in our classrooms for this fall! Children ages 2 years 9 months up to Kindergarten age are welcome at Amazing Grace Preschool where learning is hands-on, fun, and centered in God’s love.   Children can attend Amazing Grace for 2, 3, 4 […]
Presents and presence (8/15/2017) - At Valentine’s day this year I received a gift from a 3-year-old, delivered by her and her dad at the office door.  It was carefully wrapped with colorful paper and blue painter’s tape. Peeking out of one of the gaps in the paper was a plastic ring with a heart on it.  “That’s for you.” […]