Dramatic play and abstract thinking

When children engage in dramatic play they are learning a whole new way of thinking. 

Through trying on roles that are familiar to them, they learn empathy and communication skills.


They gain competence and confidence as they experiment with performing tasks they have observed.


They learn to love the amazing world of nature when they act out their observations (in this case, birds hatching eggs in their nest). 

Abstract, dramatic play like this leads to the ability to understand the symbolic nature of letters and numbers. Being able to transform a hula hoop into a nest is directly linked to understanding of the phonics code that a letter forms a sound.  And further down the road we need this type of thinking to be able to perform calculus or computer programming or architectural planning, or even to imagine how a recipe will turn out! 

Playful learning at a young age forms building blocks for higher level thinking later in life, and that’s why at Amazing Grace Preschool we offer props and plenty of time  and support for children to participate in this play which is the work of childhood. 

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