Dragonfly Lesson Plan – Week of 10/30/2017 – Pumpkin Fun

Dragonfly Lesson Plan — Week of 10/30/17

Teachers:  Joy Danison & Magda Gad & Ulli Airey                                  
Theme: Pumpkin Fun


Weekly Concepts
(MA Guidelines)




Meeting Time
Observe and use appropriate ways of
interacting in a group (taking turns in talking; listening to peers; waiting until someone is finished; asking questions and waiting for an answer; gaining the floor in appropriate ways).

Project: Explore and identify space, direction, movement, relative position, and size using body movement and concrete objects.

Strengthen hand grasp and flexibility.  Use thumb/forefinger in pincer grasp.


Relate themes and information in
books to personal experiences.

Spiritual: The God of Jonah, Daniel, and our other Bible characters is the same God who loves us! 

Use their senses of sight, hearing,
touch, smell, and taste to explore their
environment using sensory vocabulary.

Connect many kinds/quantities of
concrete objects and actions to numbers (Measuring pumpkins and ourselves, counting seeds.).



-Five Little Pumpkins
-This Little Light of Mine

Question of the Day: 
What is inside of a pumpkin?

Trip to Dunback Meadows to look at pumpkins

Book: “16 Runaway Pumpkins” by Dianne Ochiltree

Bible Story: In a Chariot of Fire (The Young Reader’s Bible, page 176)

Counting pumpkin seeds: How many can you fit in your hand? How many (roasted pumpkin seeds) would you like to eat?


Monday’s Songs

Question of the Day:

What type of crafts can we do with pumpkins?

carving and decorating pumpkins


Book:  “A Pumpkin Prayer” by Amy Parker

Bible Story: A Gulp and a Great City (The Young Reader’s Bible, page 182)

playing a fall memory game



Monday’s Songs

Question of the Day:
What has the greater height/circumference – a dragonfly student or a pumpkin?


measuring a pumpkin and ourselves with yarn


Book:  “Pumpkin Harvest” by Calvin Harris

Bible Story: Three Brave Friends (The Young Reader’s Bible, page 188)

“pumpkin geoboards”




Monday’s Songs

Question of the Day:

What words do you think of when you see a pumpkin?

painting pumpkins with watercolors


Book: “Pumpkins” by Ken Robbins

Bible Story: Daniel for Dinner? (The Young Reader’s Bible, page 194)

 number pumpkin hunt



Monday’s Songs

Question of the Day:

What can we cook/bake with pumpkins?


baking pumpkin bread/cookies

Book: “Oh, My Pumpkin Pie!” by Charles Ghiguna

Bible Story: A Plan and a Party (The Young Reader’s Bible, page 200)

rolling pumpkin art: what colors will you mix?