Dragonfly Lesson Plan — Week of 9/25/17

Teachers: Pam Hodgson, Joy Danison & Ulli Airey                                  
Theme: What we do with our emotions


Weekly Concepts
(MA Guidelines)


Meeting Time

Communicate personal experiences or interests.

Listen to a wide variety of age appropriate literature read aloud.


Use a variety of tools and materials to build grasp-and-release skill.


Listen to several books by the same author or using the same illustrator.

Spiritual: Genesis 1 


Observe and describe seasonal changes in plants, animals and their personal lives




 Monday’s Songs:
“This Little Light of
“I’ve Got Joy, Joy, Joy”
“10,000 Reasons”
Free Time:
Play dough
Morning Meeting Question: What do you do when you’re angry?(sad, etc.)


Make Puppet Theater using sponge paint and glitter or sequins on cardboard

Game:  Funny Face (acting out different emotions)

Book: God Cares When I 
Need a Friend:
“God Cares When Someone Hurts Me”,
by Elspeth Campbell Murphy 

Bible Story:  The Beginner’s Bible
“Jacob’s Dream”

 We’ll begin to notice the changes outside — what is happening to the leaves on the trees?  To the other plants?  To the weather?



Monday’s Songs
Free Time:  
Beads and Wires
Unifix cubes

Morning Meeting
Question: How can we let someone know how we feel?

Make puppets
Game:  Funny Face

Book:  God Cares When I 
Need a Friend:
“God Cares When I Need to Talk to Somebody”,
by Elspeth Campbell Murphy 

Bible Story:  The Beginners’ Bible
“A Big Family”



Monday’s Songs
Free Time:

Morning Meeting Question: Who should i tell when I don’t feel well?

Puppet Show (Solving social situations using our puppets)


Book:  God Cares When I 
Need a Friend:
“God Cares When I Don’t Feel Good”
by Elspeth Campbell Murphy 

Bible Story:  
The Beginner’s Bible
“The Dreamer”

How will your puppet solve a problem?  What skills will he or she use? 


Monday’s Songs

Free Time: 

Make “stress  relievers”

Morning Meeting Question: What do you wonder about?

Parachute Game:  We will use our parachute to label and express different emotions.  (If raining use the chapel upstairs)

Book: God Cares When Things Are Not OK: 
“God Cares When I’m Wondering“, 
by Elspeth Campbell Murphy 

Bible Story:  The Beginner’s Bible
“A Secret Message”



Monday’s Songs

Free Play:
Play dough

Morning Meeting Question: What are some ways we can show kindness to others?

 Puppet Show:  Acting out our Bible story.

Book: God Helps Me Every Day: “I’m Listening, God: Psalm 19 for Children”

Bible Story: The Beginner’s Bible
“A Surprise Visit”

Bible Verse:
“Be kind and compassionate to one another, just as in Christ God forgave you.”
Ephesians 4:32