We have openings!

Dear Friends of Amazing Grace Preschool,

Spread the word — we have openings in our classrooms for this fall! Children ages 2 years 9 months up to Kindergarten age are welcome at Amazing Grace Preschool where learning is hands-on, fun, and centered in God’s love.  

Children can attend Amazing Grace for 2, 3, 4 or 5 days per week. We offer rolling admissions throughout the year. Below are some pictures of some of the goings-on at our school!

Thanks so much, Ellie

Sharing books and literacy with friends.

Pre-writing and reading skills and math concepts taught through interesting content.

Sharing a gift with Pastor Chris, who reads to us each week.

Making mud bricks at June Bugs Summer Program.

How can you create a sculpture using clay and sticks?

Playful learning — this word is hard to pronounce!

Practicing motor skills and coordination … and having fun!