Blocks and Thinking

During our June Bugs program one week the theme was “Building and Construction.”  By popular demand the block area was made available and children built zoos, airports, “hideouts,” and even used the larger blocks for crutches.  One child took four square blocks and assembled the following:


“Miss Ellie,” he said, “This has four blocks, four sides, and four corners!” pointing out each attribute as he spoke.

Then he built the following arrangement using fours:

Then: “This is my three-block set up!”  (The triangles have three sides, there are three ‘trees’ and the tower has three blocks.)

Can you guess what this next one was labeled? He described this one to his teacher with pleasure and a sense of accomplishment.

All of these ideas came from this child with no adult prompting — which illustrates the power of presenting materials and enabling children to explore and create using their own ideas and imagination.  This is productive play at its best, fun, interesting and thoughtful!