June Bugs Lesson Plan: Week of 7/10/17

Teachers: Miss Aimee & Miss Marie                                           Theme: Water

Date Meeting Time Project Literacy Math/Science
Weekly Concepts (MA Guidelines)

-Observe and use appropriate ways of interacting in a group (taking turns in talking; listening to peers; waiting until someone is finished; asking questions and waiting for an answer; gaining the floor in appropriate ways). 

-Participate in simple sequences of movements and dance to various kinds of music


– Communicate personal experiences or interests. 

-Create artwork from memory or imagination.

-Use their own words or illustrations
to describe their experiences, tell
imaginative stories, or communicate
information about a topic of interest.

-Listen to a wide variety of age appropriate literature read aloud. 

Spiritual: This week we will read various versions of the Jesus Calming the Storm Bible Story.

-Explore, describe, and compare the
properties of liquids and solids found
in children’s daily environment.

-Make predictions about changes in
materials or objects based on past

-Observe and identify the characteristics
and needs of living things:
humans, animals, and plants.



-With Jesus in the Boat 

-Goldfish by Laurie Berkner

-Boom Chicka Boom!

-I Caught a Fish Alive

Water wall- experiment with tubes, water and funnels.

Make your own water picture- use water colors to paint.  

Swimmy by Leo Lionni

Bible Story:  Read- “Jesus in the Boat.”  

Explore ocean life in our water table; what can you find there?

Water our garden with watering cans. 



Monday’s Songs


Experiment with water, vehicles, and gutters.

Drop colored water on giant coffee filters. 

Bringing the Rain to Kapiti Plain by Verna Aardema

Bible Story:  Read “Jesus Calms the Storm”

How can we make the water flow faster in the gutters? Slower?

Use water & brushes  to “paint” on brick.



 Monday’s Songs

Create our own car wash!  Have fun making sudsy water and washing our toy cars.

Make our own popsicles to enjoy tomorrow!

The Pigeon Needs a Bath  by Mo Willems

Bible Story: Read “The Calming of the Storm”

What makes more bubbles- soap and warm water or soap and cool water?  Try both!



Monday’s Songs

Enjoy having an outdoor snack picnic!  Please wear your bathing suit, and bring a towel and a change of clothes.

Use our sprinkler- don’t forget to wear a bathing suit & bring a change of clothes!

Enjoy eating our popsicles that we made yesterday!

Bible Story: Act out our Bible Story using props! (wooden boat, blankets, thunder sticks, etc.).

Why do we need water?  What do we use it for?  Celebrate water by jumping, running & playing in it!  (And even drinking it!)



No Camp on Fridays







Other Daily Activities Concepts
Free Play

  • Play Dough
  • Puzzles
  • Writing Center
  • Easel painting
  • Blocks
  • Cars/Trucks
  • Housekeeping/Dramatic play
  • Sensory Table
Use sense of sight, hearing touch, smell and taste to explore the environment using sensory vocabulary. Strengthen hand grasp and flexibility. Use eye-hand coordination and visual perception to complete puzzles, draw, paint, write
Bike Room/Playground Build body awareness, strength, and coordination through locomotion activities.