Musical Interlude

Today at Explorers, a rather rambunctious group of preschoolers was running off some steam in the bike room.  Upstairs, the church’s organist, Tudor, was practicing piano.  On our way back to the classroom for rest time, we took a detour up to the sanctuary where Tudor, who was about to leave, sat back down on his piano bench and played “Give me Jesus.”

Bethany and I witnessed a transformation, as this group of children settled into their pew and listened quietly for several minutes to the beautifully played piece. It was a moment out of time, a restful, peaceful moment which punctuated a day full of activity.  As the children tiptoed back downstairs and settled on their mats for rest time, I was reminded of how important it is to take time out to enjoy and rest in the surprising Interludes of beauty provided for us daily.