Last week the Butterfly class was visited by one student’s grandparents who came in to read the Bible story to the children. This couple has served for many years as missionaries and were visiting from Eastern Europe.

The story of Jesus riding into Jerusalem on a Donkey was read by Costel to the children from an adult Bible while Mia stood and embellished in a fresh and beautiful way with comments like:

“Everything the Bible says will happen,” and, “Jesus did this because he loves us very very much.”  I found myself taking notes on a story that I had heard many times before.

Costel took off his blazer and laid it on the floor and the children laid down the palms which they had made from construction paper around it. When asked why the people put their coats on the donkeys’ back the children responded “To make Jesus more comfortable.” 

At the end everyone sang “Hosanna” and waved their palm branches in the air.  It was a joyful moment, young and old praising God together.

There were several lovely aspects of this storytelling visit to our Butterfly group. One was that the children, our youngest group, stretched their attention span and listened attentively for more than 20 minutes.  Also, it was evident that Costel and Mia had spent many years loving Jesus and sharing the message of his love with others. And as they were leaving I was touched with the sense that we at Amazing Grace Preschool are not alone in this work that we do. That God has put many people who love him in place to share this beautiful saving message that he loves us, forgives us, and wants us to live with him forever. This was the surprising blessing of encouragement for me in this visit.

Thank you Costel and Mia, and thank you Elyza for sharing your grandparents with us!