Butterfly Lesson Plan Week of 3/27/17

Teachers: Miss Magda & Miss Bethany                 

Theme: Welcoming Jesus and Welcoming Spring!

Date Meeting Time Project Literacy Math/Science
Weekly Concepts (MA Guidelines)

Play instruments using different beats, tempos, dynamics, and interpretation.

Talk about the qualities we value in a person’s character such as honesty, willingness to work hard, kindness, and fairness.

Explore a variety of age-appropriate materials and media to create two and three-dimensional artwork.

Observe and identify the characteristics and needs of living things: humans, animals, and plants.

Develop familiarity with the forms of alphabet letters, awareness of print, and letter forms.

Spiritual: Memory Verse for this week: “Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord!  Hosanna in the highest heaven!” Matthew 21:9


Make predictions about changes in materials or objects based on past experience. 

Use their senses of sight, hearing, touch, smell, and taste to explore their environment using sensory vocabulary.

Observe and describe seasonal changes in plants, animals, and their personal lives.

Monday & Tuesday

3/27/17 & 3/28/17  

Letter S for seeds



Songs: Ho ho ho hosanna

Don’t worry, instead, Pray!

Spring is Here

March Prayer Song: Thank you for the world so sweet!





During free play time: Decorate a planter cup and put your name on it.


Project: Plant carrot seeds in your planter cup!



Bible Story: Make Way For The King- The Beginner’s Bible.

(Here Comes The King, John 12)

Book: The Carrot Seed by Ruth Krauss

 What happens in spring?

If we want to grow carrots, what do we need to have and do?

 Wednesday & Thursday  

3/29/17 & 3/30/17

Letter P for plants

Monday and Tuesday songs

During free playtime: Use scissors and green paper to make palm branches!

Project: Act out Make Way For The King.

Bible Story: 

Make Way For The King- The Beginner’s Bible.

(Here Comes The King, John 12)

Pastor Chris reads our Bible story.


Book: Signs of Spring by Justine Korman Fontes

Who would you like to be in our story (Jesus, one of Jesus’ friends, one of the people in Jerusalem?

How did people in Jerusalem welcome Jesus when they saw him coming?

What does “Hosanna” mean?



Letter C for carrots.

Monday and Tuesday songs


Happy Birthday, Timmy! 

Project: Melissa, Carlotta’s mom, will come in and do a fun project with the Butterflies!

Bible Story:  Make Way For The King- The Beginner’s Bible.

(Here Comes The King, John 12)

Book: Too Many Carrots by Katy Hudson 

What is your favorite part in Too Many Carrots?

What can we make with carrots?


Other Daily Activities Concepts
Free Play

  • Play Dough
  • Puzzles
  • Writing Center
  • Easel painting
  • Blocks
  • Cars/Trucks
  • Housekeeping/Dramatic play
  • Sensory Table
  • Use sense of sight, hearing touch, smell and taste to explore the environment using sensory vocabulary
  • Strengthen hand grasp and flexibility
  • Use eye-hand coordination and visual perception to complete puzzles, draw, paint, write
Bike Room/Playground Build body awareness, strength, and coordination through locomotion activities