First and Last

In the midst of an argument about whether the boys or the girls got to the bench outside the bathroom first, one Dragonfly boy said: “The Lord says that in Heaven the last are first.”  This came directly from a conversation a few days before between these competitive boys and girls in which a teacher quoted that scripture and mentioned briefly how Jesus gives a place of honor to those who are last.  

It is just like Jesus to take our understanding of the world and to turn it upside down!  His economy is so different from ours in our competitive, me-first world.

And the five-year-olds understood and applied this concept, probably better than we as adults could. The argument was defused and everyone sat together companionably, waiting for the stragglers to join them.

“And so it is, that many who are first now will be last then; and those who are last now will be first then.” Matthew 20:16 (For the full story of the Vineyard Workers, see Matthew 20:1-16)