Grasshopper Lesson Plan: Week of 1/30/17

Teachers: Miss Aimee & Miss Ruth                                                     Theme: Friendship

Date Meeting Time Project Literacy Math/Science
Weekly Concepts (MA Guidelines)

-Sing a variety of songs within children’s vocal range, independently and with others.

– Respond to a variety of musical rhythms through body movement.

-Participate actively in discussions, listen to the ideas of others, and ask and answer relevant questions.

-Communicate personal experiences or interests.

– Recognize and describe or represent emotions such as happiness, surprise, anger, fear, sadness.

-Talk about how people can be helpful/hurtful to one another.

-Talk about the qualities we value in a person’s character such as honesty, courage, courtesy, willingness to work hard, kindness, fairness, trustworthiness, self-discipline, loyalty, and personal responsibility.


-Relate themes and information in books to personal experiences.

-Listen to a wide variety of age appropriate literature read aloud.

-Engage actively in read-aloud activities by asking questions, offering ideas, predicting or retelling important parts of a story or informational book.

Spiritual: “My command is this: Love each other as I have loved you.” John 15:12

-Explore, describe, and compare the properties of liquids and solids found in children’s daily environment.

-Connect many kinds/quantities of concrete objects and actions to numbers.

-Use positional language and ordinal numbers (first, second, third) in everyday activities






-The More We Get Together 

-Stand Together


Work in partners to build a structure.  Travel around the classroom to visit and hear about what each group made.

Best Friend for Frances by Russel Hoban 

Bible Story:  Over the course of this week, we will memorize our Bible Verse.  ( John 15:12)

How did you decide to build your structure?  Describe the steps you took to make it.  What did you do first, second, third?



Monday’s Songs


Work together to make fruit sorbet.


Big Al by Andrew Clements 

Bible Story:  Over the course of this week, we will memorize our Bible Verse.  ( John 15:12)

How many ingredients did we use to make sorbet?  What happened when we put the mixture into the ice cream maker? Talk about what the terms liquid, frozen and solid mean.



Monday’s Songs

When have you felt  loved?  What happened?  Draw a picture about when you felt loved.

Riley and Rose by Susanna Gretz

Bible Story:  Pastor Chris will come and read a Bible story on love and friendship to our class.

Help to count your classmates and sky write that number. 



Monday’s Songs


Work together to organize and figure out how to transfer water from one place to another.


The Doorbell Rang by Pat Hutchins

Bible Story:  Over the course of this week, we will memorize our Bible Verse.  ( John 15:12)

What were some of our ideas about how to move the water?  What worked?  What didn’t work as well?



Monday’s Songs


PJ party!  Please wear you favorite pajamas to school today.  Bring a favorite stuffed animal which we will use to do a special activity.



The Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister

Bible Story:  Over the course of this week, we will memorize our Bible Verse.  ( John 15:12)

How many characters are in The Rainbow Fish?   What are the order of events in this story?


Other Daily Activities Concepts
Free Play

  • Play Dough
  • Puzzles
  • Writing Center
  • Easel painting
  • Blocks
  • Cars/Trucks
  • Housekeeping/Dramatic play
  • Sensory Table
Use sense of sight, hearing touch, smell and taste to explore the environment using sensory vocabulary. Strengthen hand grasp and flexibility. Use eye-hand coordination and visual perception to complete puzzles, draw, paint, write
Bike Room/Playground Build body awareness, strength, and coordination through locomotion activities.