Dragonfly Lesson Plan: Week of 10/31/16




Meeting Time







Weekly Concepts (MA Guidelines)

-Listen to a wide variety of age appropriate literature read aloud

-Participate in simple sequences of movements and dance to various kids of music

-Make predictions about changes in materials or objects based on past experience

-Explore concepts of pattern and symmetry in the environment and artwork

-Relate themes and information in books to personal experiences 

-Listen to several
books by the same
author or using the
same illustrator: Oliver Jeffers



– Listen to and say the names of numbers in meaningful contexts

-Connect many kinds/quantities of concrete objects and actions to numbers

-Use positional language and ordinal numbers in everyday activities 




Draw a picture of your favorite fall treat we have made as a class. Put together for a class book.


Bible – Thoughts to Make Your Heart Sing: Dance!


How many different things have we cooked together this fall? Count how many people like each item on the list.



– 10 Little Gourds

– Jesus is a Friend

– Hello to All the Children of the World (Part 2)

Nature Scavenger Hunt

Invitation to Explore Nature in Fall


Bible – Thoughts to Make Your Heart Sing: Cataclysm!




 Same songs

Use different fall materials to stamp with paint (apple halves, corn on the cob, acorn caps etc.

 Mr. Chris (another Pastor of Trinity Covenant Church) will come read to us.  

Bible – Thoughts to Make Your Heart Sing: Loving Heavenly Father





Sames songs


Bible – Thoughts to Make Your Heart Sing: Three Small Words






All-School Sing-a-Long

Adventure Friday!


Other Daily Activities Concepts
Free Play

  • Play Dough
  • Puzzles
  • Writing Center
  • Easel painting
  • Blocks
  • Cars/Trucks
  • Housekeeping/Dramatic play
  • Sensory Table
Use sense of sight, hearing touch, smell and taste to explore the environment using sensory vocabulary. Strengthen hand grasp and flexibility. Use eye-hand coordination and visual perception to complete puzzles, draw, paint, write
Bike Room/Playground Build body awareness, strength, and coordination through locomotion activities.