Dragonfly Lesson Plan: Week of 10/24/16

Teachers: Miss Jen, Miss Joy, Miss Ulli                    Theme: Experiencing Fall

Date Meeting Time Project Literacy Math/Science
Weekly Concepts (MA Guidelines)

-Listen to a wide variety of age appropriate literature read aloud.

-Sing a variety of songs within children’s vocal range, independently and with others.

-Sing songs with repetitive phrases and rhythmic patterns.

-Listen to and use comparative words to describe the relationships of objects to one another.

-Record observations and share ideas through simple forms of representation such as drawings.

-Compare and contrast natural materials such as water, rocks, soil, and living organisms using descriptive language.

-Relate themes and information in books to personal experiences.

Listen to, recognize, and use a broad vocabulary of sensory words.

Children of God Storybook Bible

  • Esther Saves Her People
  • Isaiah Becomes God’s Messenger
  • Jeremiah the Boy Prophet
  • God Saves Daniel

-Explore and describe a wide variety of concrete objects by their attributes. 

-Sort, categorize, or classify objects by more than one attribute.

Monday 9/19


  • Jesus Loves Me (w/ sign language)
  • Little Apples (to the tune of “Ten Little Indians”

Leaf Hunt

 Find leaves of different sizes/shapes/colors, then laiminate

Children of God Storybook Bible

  • Esther Saves Her People

 Sort/categorize/classify leaves by size, shape, color etc. 

Tuesday 9/20 -Same songs as Monday


  • Memory game – informal scissors assessment

    Categorizing Leaves collected on Monday:  Matching colored leaves to their appropriate color. (Learning how to categorize is a basic math concept for preschoolers and early elementary age kids.)



Children of God Storybook Bible

  • Isaiah Becomes God’s Messenger


Wednesday 9/21 -Same songs as Monday

 Experiment with leaf rubbings using different art materials (wax paper and pastels, aluminum foil, tracing paper etc.)

Children of God Storybook Bible

  • Jeremiah the Boy Prophet
 Counting laminated leaves collected:  Count the number of each leaf color or the total numbers of leaves.  If counting forward is easy, line up the leaves and count backwards.
Thursday 9/22 – Same songs as Monday Fall Maze – Informal pencil grasp assessment

Children of God Storybook Bible

  • God Saves Daniel
  Adding Leaves collected on Monday: kids can add yellow leaves + red leaves + orange leaves + green leaves!  Use a “0” if you aren’t able to find one of the leaf colors to give kids practice with the concept of zero.
Friday 9/23 – Same songs as Monday Adventure Friday: Re-branding Playdough