Dragonfly Lesson Plan: Week of 9/19/16

Teachers: Miss Jen, Miss Joy, Miss Ulli                    Theme: Feelings/Emotions

Date Meeting Time Project Literacy Math/Science
Weekly Concepts (MA Guidelines)

– Participate actively in discussions, listen to the ideas of others, and ask and answer relevant questions

-Observe and use appropriate ways of interacting in a group (taking turns in talking; listening to peers; waiting until someone is finished; asking questions and waiting for an answer; gaining the floor in appropriate ways)

– Continue discussion re: class policies/how we treat our things and one another/respect (how you feel about someone and how you treat him/her)

– Communicate personal experiences or interests

– Discuss examples of anger, jealousy, sadness, caring for other people/animals/things in children’s own experiences and in stories read to them


Children of God Storybook Bible

  • Abraham Trusts God
  • Strange Visitors
  • A Wonderful Dream
  • Joseph is Sold into Slavery

-Listen to and say the names of

numbers in meaningful contexts


-Connect many kinds/quantities

of concrete objects and actions to



-Share ideas about the size, shape,

feel and sounds of their bubbles

Monday 9/19


  • Shake My Wiggles Out
  • You are my Sunshine
  • He’s Got the Whole World In His Hands

Work together to make an artifact  based on our discussions around classroom policies. 

In Our Class…

  1. We are kind
  2. We show respect for others and for our things
  3. We clean up
  4. We listen
  5. We use our words to say how we feel
  6. We are a team
  7. We work together
  8. We share


Read and review the class policies that we came up with as a group. (Talk about why we need classroom and playground rules.  Take part in developing group goals.) 

Children of God Storybook Bible

  • Abraham Trusts God


How many people are in our class?

Count and sky-write.


Tuesday 9/20 -Same songs as Monday

Go over what a put-up is; write down children’s ideas on what we can do to treat each other kindly.  Look at our put-up jar & marbles.


Is it right to fight? : a first look at anger / Pat Thomas ; illustrated by Lesley Harker.

Children of God Storybook Bible

  • Strange Visitors

-Identify positive characteristics

observed in classmates’ behaviors

in daily routines (write down on big

paper & post)

How many marbles have we collected

in our put-up bucket so far?  How far

up shall we go until we get to celebrate

a put-up party? (Place tape on bucket

to represent what we decide.)


Wednesday 9/21 -Same songs as Monday  

  • Use different materials (pipecleaners, wire etc.) to create bubble wands, share materials/ideas/resources
  • During playground time: Make bubble juice; experiment with bubble wands; share materials/ideas/resources

When I feel sad / written by Cornelia Maude Spelman ; illustrated by Kathy Parkinson.

Children of God Storybook Bible

  • A Wonderful Dream
Thursday 9/22 – Same songs as Monday  

Not fair, won’t share / Sue Graves ; illustrated by Desideria Guicciardini.

Children of God Storybook Bible

  • Joseph is Sold into Slavery

Share ideas about the size, shape,

feel and sounds of their bubbles

Friday 9/23 – Same songs as Monday Adventure Friday: Un-recipe for paint

Johnny Appleseed : a tall tale / retold and illustrated by Steven Kellogg.