Endings and Beginnings

Yesterday was my last day in the role of Director at Amazing Grace Preschool. It was a sweet day starting with prayer with the teachers, then a sprinkler and popsicles on the playground, and a favorite song, “1-2-3-4-5, I Caught a Fish Alive!” sung with rhythm sticks. The relaxed June Bugs atmosphere made for a life-giving, joyful day for both children and adults. 

Endings, which can signify loss and change, also mark new beginnings and an adventurous sense of “What’s next?”  I am grateful today to be able to give Amazing Grace Preschool into the capable hands of our new Director, Helen Marie Choiniere, whose energy and joy are paired with a  sensitivity to the needs of staff, children and families. We are anticipating a great year for the school.

And as for me, I am  looking forward to some refreshment and rest, and curious about what God has next.  I will continue to write a “Founder’s Blog,” which is a life-giving reflective practice for me — stay tuned!

And of course I plan to have some summer fun along with all of you!  Have a popsicle everyone!

Popsicles on playground