In case you were wondering …

Hello Friends of Amazing Grace Kids,

I just realized that I sent you a letter from our incoming Director without explaining to you the process that led to this change at our school.  Here is how it all transpired.

Last fall our Amazing Grace Board of Directors began working on a strategic plan to help our school to grow and be sustainable for the future.  Amazing Grace Kids is becoming an established preschool program, with our expanding enrollment, hours and programs.  We worked together to characterize the essence of Amazing Grace Kids as a place where strategic educational philosophy is combined with a Christian foundation to provide high quality education for preschoolers.  

At the same time that we were working on the strategic plan, it was clear to me that it was time for me to move to a different role at Amazing Grace Kids — now that the work of launching the school had been successfully completed I was ready to reduce my administrative duties while still helping to guide the philosophy and practice of the school.  Accordingly the Board and I entered into the process of searching for just the right person to become the Director, someone with strong administrative skills who relates well to people and who has a heart for our mission and vision, and we were so pleased when we found her in Helen Marie Choiniere!

Helen Marie is a gifted communicator whose easy manner with children and thoughtful approach to the education of preschoolers has already been a gift to us at AGK. She has started and run her own “Playschool” for 8 years, and is familiar with all the ins and outs of managing a school like ours. She began working alongside us this week and will take on the Director role starting July 1.  I look forward to all of you getting to know her better.  Both the Board and I felt very blessed that Helen Marie came forward to become the Director of our school!

As for me, what will I be doing? I will still be providing leadership at Amazing Grace Kids, serving on the Board and continuing to drive the overall vision of the school. It is my great pleasure to serve children and families in our wonderful Amazing Grace Community.