Slowing Down for Curiosity

Why do ants swarm in large dense groups on the sidewalk in the spring?  I saw at least three of these swarms during April vacation week as I was out walking.  A little research showed that when a group of ants gets too large, they start a new colony with a new  queen, and they swarm like this as they are moving to a new location.  

An unexpected side effect of walking instead of running was that I noticed and wondered more about the world around me!

And of course, this made me think of preschool (doesn’t everything?), and the importance of giving children time to wonder and be curious.  Instead of rushing and running through the days, we need to give children time to observe, to think, to ask questions.  And perhaps the place for us adults to start is with ourselves, taking time to walk instead of run, and to notice the amazing world around us.