Photo day info

Hello Amazing Grace Parents:

This Thursday, May 5th, is the Tuesday/Thursday Butterfly photo day.  The photographer will come at 10:30. At that time a class photo will be taken for this Butterfly group.

On Friday June 13th everyone else will be photographed.  On that day we will have an all-school photo taken.  Tuesday/Thursday Butterfly parents, if you would like your child to be in this all-school picture, please bring your child to school by 9:30.  You will stay with your child, either on the playground or in the bike room and bring them out to where the photo is taken when the photographer is ready.  Our photographer is wonderful with children and we have had beautiful pictures from him in the past.

All of you should have received the photo order forms by now — they need to be returned to the school, whether or not you are planning to buy photos for your child. 

Thank you!  Ellie