Out of the mouths …

Here are some wonderful quotes from our curious, creative, imaginative Grasshopper students:

  • “I don’t ever go to the real moon because I don’t have a real rocket.”
  • “I have been on something that I am scared of. I am afraid of the tea cups (at Disney World).”
  • “He is using the astronauts for bear food in his trap.”
  • “I have a great idea. Look! I made a rocket ship!  We’re going on an adventure to a camp fire.”
  • “I know the short cut (to New York City). You have to go through the photo booth, then you have to pay the toll.”
  • “Lets do challenging!” (This said while hanging on the monkey bars on the playground.)
  • In response to hearing that Jesus came to save the whole world, one child said: “That might be a lot of people!”