Lesson Plans and Life-long Learning

When we write our curriculum at Amazing Grace Kids, we focus on capturing children’s imagination, attention, and curiosity, so that they are engaged in their own learning.  Great teaching does not consist of opening up children’s heads and pouring in knowledge.  It consists of engaging children in wrestling with materials and ideas, trying and experimenting, and learning from mistakes.  

In addition, we frame our plans around the Massachusetts State Guidelines for Learning Experiences. Implementing these comprehensive goals helps us make sure our curriculum is broad and deep.  The guidelines are written with the aim of preparing preschoolers for kindergarten and beyond.

Contrary to popular belief, the goal is not to end up with children who know their letters and numbers, shapes and colors, although that certainly is a useful by-product.  The goal is so much richer, broader, deeper: to empower children to be engaged in their own learning, to nurture a love for school, and a love for exploring and growing in a rich and vibrant environment where they can experiment and make mistakes and learn by doing.

Drilling preschool children using worksheets and flash cards is an almost certain way to extinguish this joy of learning.  Giving children the freedom to explore interesting topics and to interact with a variety of wonderful materials causes children to delight in knowledge, in skills, in life-long learning.