Holy Moments and Tooth Brushing

A few weeks ago Dentists Denise  and Bridget Chow and their assistant Regisca came to our school to talk with the children about dental health. It was a wonderful, engaging presentation on how to keep our teeth healthy, by brushing and flossing, eating healthy snacks, and visiting the dentist.  

At one point Denise said that we needed to brush our teeth for 2 minutes at a time. Holding up sand timers, she had the children close their eyes, keeping them closed until they thought two minutes were over.  She also suggested that singing or humming a song would help us to remember how long to brush.

When asked if she had a two-minute song, Denise said no, at which point a teacher piped up, “I do!” and proceeded to hum the beautiful old hymn, “Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing.”  After the first line, other teachers chimed in, humming the melody as the sand timers poured out grain after grain. The room was very quiet except for the sound of humming, with 15 children sitting in waiting silence.  

Dentist Visit 

I have thought of that moment many times since, about how God shows up when you least expect him to, and how he is present, even when we brush our teeth.