Butterfly Epiphany

This post was written by Aimee Hoffman and Magda Gad, Butterfly teachers

During our free play time last week, we invited the children to come to the table to make a gift/card for Jesus using colored tapes, crayons, markers and scissors.  We talked about the three wise men visiting Jesus, a story that we had already read together on prior days that week while making the cards/gifts.  When asked where Jesus is now, several children said: “He’s in our hearts.”  We talked about how when we make gifts for him here on earth, it still makes Jesus happy where he is now.   

After our free choice time, Magda showed the children the star taped to the end of the yard stick.  She said that we were going to pretend to be the Wise men (“and women!” we added) and follow the star to find Jesus. Magda gave the children the gifts that they had made for Jesus. She had the line leader hold the ruler with the star on the end. Aimee sang, “We Three Kings (of Asia are bearing gifts…)” as we processed down the hallway carrying our gifts. After we stopped on the stairs, Magda held the star and led them around the bike room. The children were instructed to search for baby Jesus. Finally with much exclaiming, the children found the school’s nativity set in a corner of the bike room. They leaned or knelt down and placed their gifts in front of baby Jesus.  We were all so excited to have found baby Jesus just like the Wise Men did so long ago.  

children in hallway

This activity was truly beautiful and spontaneous in many ways.  It was woven throughout the week, starting with reading the Bible story at snack each day, and then going deeper with this celebration activity on the last day.  There was a reverence and ownership evident in the children’s sharing and movement.  They had been given a special task and they really shone their own light as they processed through it!

(Note: Epiphany, the day when the wise men’s visit to the baby Jesus is traditionally celebrated is January 6th.)