Christmas Newsletter

Dear Families,

As we approach the end of the year I am thankful for each of you, for entrusting your wonderful children to us, and for your support and encouragement during this very busy fall!  

Good-bye Morgan:  We just learned that Grasshopper student Morgan Hsu’s family had a sudden change in their move date — and that Morgan will not be returning to us after the holidays. We will miss his sweet smile, his reminders of our schedule, and his love for the bike room! Holly, his mom, has been our fish tank expert and helped with sewing and cooking projects this fall — thank you Holly. Be sure to say good-bye to Morgan, his brother Hunter and parents Holly and Kevin before you leave for vacation.

Kisoboka School: Donations are coming in for our Uganda school — thank you very much for your generosity. We will let you know a final amount after Friday. There have been lots of quarters in our box, showing us that the children are participating.  Thank you! 

Gifts:  In lieu of teacher gifts, we invite you to donate to our book fund. We are purchasing some wonderful literature to enhance our school library and your donations will be used wisely.  Thank you!

Extra Clothes:  Vacation is a good time to take home your child’s bag of extra clothes and update them, making sure they fit and that they are seasonal. We’ll send them home in backpacks your child’s last day.

Snow clothes:  When we return in January everyone should have snow pants, boots, hats and mittens.  If there is no snow on the ground but it is cold enough we will wear snow pants to go outside. Dressing in these items is part of our winter curriculum! 

Board: Our Amazing Grace Board has been meeting regularly this year working on a strategic plan to position Amazing Grace Kids to grow and be sustainable for the future.  I’ll share more information with you as the year progresses.  

Christmas:  We pray that each of you have a blessed Christmas full of God’s great love for us in sending Jesus to our world.