October News

Amazing Grace Parent News

October 1, 2015

Dear Parents,

As I write this I can hear the Grasshoppers eating snack and waiting for Pastor Chris’s arrival, and the Butterflies lining up after cleaning up the bike room.  All happy and peaceful noises drifting up and down our hallways.  We are loving getting to know your children!

Upcoming Events:

Family Farm Day will be Saturday, October 24th from 10-12 AM on our playground!  We will have a petting zoo, small tractor rides, and snacks.  We are looking for volunteers to help in ½ hour shifts to staff different areas of the event, including:

  • Face Painting
  • Organizing Tractor Rides
  • Snack table

I will have a sign-up sheet for you at the entry of school this week. 

Do you have a child-sized motorized vehicle (not necessarily a tractor)?  We would love to borrow this to supplement our one tractor for rides this year.

Parent Coffees postponed until further notice – These were  originally scheduled for October 15, Grasshoppers, and October 19 Butterflies. 

Classroom items needed:

 We are looking for one or two small tables like the molded plastic outdoor side tables, to hold our handwashing tubs at child height. 

Photos:   We are still working on a system to share our classroom photos with you.  Thanks for your patience in this busy time! 

Thank you: 

  • To our room parents for their work on organizing our Family Farm Day.
  • To all of you who donated dresses and shorts and other items to our Uganda Friends! So many of you were very generous and our team is well-equipped.  (If you still want to donate, the deadline is October 1st.)
  • For your outpouring of love for Miss Kate. We all will miss her and wish her well in her new job!
  • To Erik Wang who has spent hours at our school with his power tools, doing all sorts of projects to make our school run better. We appreciate your help!
  • To Brianne Johnsen who brought her medical tools into school for us to try.
  • To Catherine Long who will be taking photos in the Butterfly room.

We are thankful for each of you, our wonderful families! 

Ellie and team