The Gift of Listening

Yesterday was our last day of school and the families gave each of the teachers an amazing gift.  They asked their children:  “What do you think your teachers will do for fun in the summer?”  Then they wrote down their answers and wrapped up items for each of us according to what the children said.  

I spent nearly an hour yesterday afternoon laughing and crying as  I read the stories and opened the wonderful gifts which ranged from car wash coupons (because going to the car wash is really fun!) to beach towels and buckets and shovels (definitely requirements for summer delight!) to neck pillows (because we surely would fly on airplanes).   If it were not for the sheer number, I would describe each one to you.

Apart from the generous gifts themselves, the greater gift to the teachers was the fact that the parents asked the questions, listened to the answers and  acted upon them.  Each child surely felt heard and respected — so central to child-centered learning. 

Thank you Amazing Grace parents for listening and blessing us with your love and gifts that were clearly from the hearts of the children we hold dear.