Rock Stars

After lunch today, the children were playing with blocks and vehicles, when one child picked up a long rectangular block and started strumming it like a guitar. Soon 3 or 4 friends followed suit and they started boisterously playing and singing. I suggested that they go to the blue rug at the far end of the room (!) to rehearse a concert for the rest of us, and my co-teacher took up the lead and helped them prepare.

When they returned they asked to be introduced as “The Rock Stars.” They stood in a row and burst into song together, singing “Don’t worry about anything, just pray about everything!” with great gusto and joy. The tune was clear and recognizable and they ran through the song three times. This performance was followed by a few solo numbers by others in the class, and then the theme from Star Wars played on pianos (former guitars). And of course, the audience properly responded with thunderous applause!

And all that was needed for inspiration was  a few blocks, some listeners, and a love of music.