March Amazing Grace News

Hello Parents,

Can you believe that this month we will officially welcome spring?  As I am typing I am looking at a sun-drenched, sky-high snow pile outside my window.  Underneath that snow we know by faith that there are the bulbs the Butterfly class planted last fall!

Here are a few updates for you:

  • PAL Conference — no school Monday, March 16th.  All Amazing Grace Staff will be attending this conference, learning about STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) for preschoolers — we always come back to school from the PAL Conference energized with new ideas for your children.
  • Going out: If with the wind chill the temp is 20 or below we don’t go out, and between 20-25 we MIGHT go out.  Hopefully we will be out on our playground soon — we are strategizing how to make the deep snow out there user friendly for small children.  
  • Donations:
    •  Due to snow days we were unable to send our pencils and pens to Uganda — however, because of your cash donations the team was able to buy three mosquito nets for Frank and Brenda and their families.  Sandy assures me that we can send the pencils and pens when they go again in October.  Many thanks to those of you who donated and to Catherine Long for coordinating that effort!
    • World Relief:  Thanks to all those pennies, nickels and dimes that you brought in at Christmas time we are able to purchase two groups of chicks to help a family in Africa.  Thank you!
  • Zane:  Our friend Zane Wenger in the Grasshopper class will be moving to Florida in March — Zane’s last day will be March 23.  We have loved having you and your family at our school, Zane, and we pray God’s blessings on your  move to a new home!

 Thank you everyone — Ellie