We were in the bike room one day and a child said “Look, Miss Ellie” pointing to the short flight of steps at the entrance of the room.  One of our most active and busy boys was sitting on the middle of the three steps at the entrance of the room, looking longingly out into the hallway.  On closer inspection I could see that a ball was there, out of his reach.  This was a remarkable display of self-control for a generally impulsive, exuberant child.

 I went over  to him and said “Can I help you with something?”

He looked at me and said:  “I hear-ded something in my head.”   Then his eyes widened with discovery  “I hear-ded something and it was you!  You were saying, ‘Don’t go up there!’ so I didn’t.” 

This was a clear example of metacognition (understanding how thinking works) and emergent self-control.  Wonderful!