Preschool Deductive Reasoning

At lunch today two children had yogurt from Trader Joe’s which caused them to notice the similarities and differences in the containers and the contents.  And the following discussion ensued.

W:  I wonder if you go to my Trader Joe’s?

B:   I don’t know…

W:  Well, my Trader Joe’s has flowers right by the door, does yours?

B:  Yes, mine does.

W:  Hey wait a minute, does your Trader Joe’s sell bananas?

B: (Getting a little more interested) Yes it does!

W:  (Thinking a bit) Wait, does your Trader Joe’s sell bread?

B:  Yes it does! 

W:  It must be the same!  (Great enthusiasm)  Do you go in the door and turn this way and then like that? (Pointing with his hands).

Several Children:  Yes we do!  (They also start gesturing with their hands.)

The consensus was that everyone goes to the same Trader Joe’s!  Such wonderful deductive reasoning from a preschooler’s perspective.  They have the store mapped out and clear understanding of what is sold there, even though there was no concept that EVERY Trader Joe’s has these things.   It made me think about how the actual process was logical and correct, while the outcome might not have been because of limited experience.  

But the best part of this conversation was the joy expressed in the shared experience of “Our Trader Joe’s!”  Somehow this contributed to the fact that this group is a community we all shared in that delight, teacher and student alike!