Daily Joy

“Be joyful always;”  I Thessalonians 5:16

 Sometimes it is a sacrifice to be joyful in the midst of loss or the daily grind.  But being with children almost always gives me direct access into that joy. 

For example, this past year one of our newest students, an English language learner, mastered the “sit ‘n spin” for the first time.  (For the uninitiated, a sit ‘n spin is like a large, ‘Lazy Susan’ with a steering wheel in the middle.   You straddle the steering wheel, sitting cross-legged, and by pushing and pulling that wheel, your body spins around the center post.)  This is not an intuitive skill and hard to explain, especially without a common language!  But when, after several attempts she figured it out and began spinning around, the joy was palpable – huge smiles, head thrown back, laughter with abandon! 

That’s one of the teacher’s many privileges, to have a window into this joy of mastery!