Torches or Megaphones?

Our activity for the Olympics at June Camp this day was to make torches from paper towel tubes – a simple project, wrapping the tubes in aluminum foil and sticking a plastic cup in the end.  When you stuff the cup with tissue paper it looks like a flame, and voila, you have a torch!

 However, what preschooler can merely use a paper towel tube in this manner?

  At the very least it is a telescope or a sword, but really makes an unparalleled musical instrument, preferably a loud one.  Within seconds our Olympic torch-bearers were transformed into a raucous band of horn players, singing loudly through their would-be torches! 

Once we reined in this noisy group and completed the project, the wise teacher suggested that we sing a song, as, “You seem to be in the mood for singing.”  We waved our torches and sang “This little light of mine,” without the benefit of cardboard tubular amplification.

Later, when I was bemoaning the fact that a visitor with a small, shy boy, had been inundated by our cacophony, my wise teacher friend responded, “Well, at least they could see that our children are joyful.”  And that was the truth!