Give thanks in all circumstances

It’s Monday and I am at school early, in order to set up the bike room and do a few tasks that are more time consuming after the weekend.  This work, although mindless and repetitive, is also an excuse for me to pray for the children who will be riding these bikes, and who will use the stools I put in place to reach the sinks and wash their hands.

 This Monday the floor is littered with popcorn from the youth group the night before.  As I go to the custodian’s closet to get a broom I am tempted to grumble – after all I am busy and important and here I am cleaning up after others. 

 But I am caught up by you, Jesus, reminding me that you were all about service.  That you, the Master of the Universe, washed the feet of your disciples.  You gradually turn my grumbles into thanks for this church that has been so welcoming to our little school, for the fact that there are young people who had fun with popcorn and perhaps learned about you, for giving me the ability to sweep a floor, and teach, and love these young children in my care.

 And I am thankful for the popcorn that reminded me to give thanks.